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In general, youths are a society’s backbone. At any moment, youth participation in all aspects of society is important. Unfortunately, since the beginning of this society, Pakistan youths, whether male and female, have been in a state of deprivation. They play no or a limited role in local and national decision-making processes or leadership initiatives. As a result, youth isolation, whether deliberate or inadvertent, can lead to drug abuse, unlawful and criminal actions, unhappiness, migration, and other problems, despite the fact that youths are a potentially important group and actor in shaping the future. Through civic and political engagement, leadership development, participation in decision-making processes, skill development, and capacity building programs, the project focuses on youths in order to improve and promote their social status and prepare them to become leaders for bringing change to their communities.

Our APUS PAKISTAN “LIVE TOGETHER” project on solidarity will help you to develop awareness & promote our mission of Live together with peace, respect, unity and solidarity in Pakistan.
Investing in people—at the local level, in partnership with government, civil society, and the private sector—to help bring about peace, prosperity, and stability
APUS PAKISTAN project “LIVE TOGETHER” is to create an enabling environment for the youth of Pakistan so that they can be self-dependent, contribute to the development of the area and be an active participant in development effort of the nation.
These are the kinds of investments that do not just make economic sense; they are also helping countless people across the globe improve their quality of life.
I invite you to read about the work of APUS PAKISTAN and how we bring together civil society, government, and the private sector at the local level, using innovative techniques to build community resilience. We hope our efforts will inspire you to join us in our mission in being Partners for Good. Channel

Syed Afraz Ali Nazish
All Pakistan University Students
(APUS – Live together)
*Asian Youth Gold Medalist (1991-92)
*Editor: She Magazine International
*Founder / President: She Foundation Pakistan
*CEO: Global Education Network Pvt Ltd (GEN)
*President: Pakistan Poker Association
*Chief Executive Officer: KHEL INTERNATIONAL
*Ex-Captain: Pakistan National Darts Team (2005-2010)
*Managing Director: (YouTube Channels)
– Fifty50 News (Current Affairs)
– APUS PAKISTAN (Community Awareness)
– She News (Fashion, Lifestyle & Family Entertainment)