The EB Cricket Academy is not confined merely to develop and improve the technical skills of cricket i.e. batting, bowling, keeping and fielding but sessions and camps organized in professional manner would prepare young players in a range of pre-season activities, incorporating general fitness and healthy lifestyle. The ethos encourages a focus on achievement with plenty of opportunities to put refined skills into action through small sided games and middle practices. Sessions are scheduled in a progressive way by allowing players to practice on a range of surfaces and learn how to cope up with the external conditions which may influence their game.


By imparting specific coaching drills and fun games, the EB Cricket Academy aims to ensure each participant, irrespective of age and ability, to develop his individual cricket skills. By the aid of modern computer technology through video analysis, the players will be facilitated to receive individual coaching and guidance to develop their skills in all the fields of their game. The most important objective of the EB Cricket Academy is to develop the players’ personal confidence and knowledge about the modern cricket techniques.


Feeling part of a team is an invaluable experience for young players – whether at a club or a school.Human values like righteousness, cooperation, sacrifice, sportsman spirit, socialization and accountability are important aspects to be inculcated in the players’ personality by the Academy. It is a fundamental principle of a team to remember that success may be achieved only by working together to reach a common goal. In every sport, teamwork is an essential element for giving a good performance at all levels, no matter it is a school, club or a professional. Thus it is an important part of training to teach children such values to make them a part of their lives to become not only good players but also good human beings as well. EB Cricket Academy aims to impart knowledge to the players regarding all the factors of Leadership skills such as confidence, creativity, positivity, communication skills, motivation, staying focused, responsibility, commitment, staying calm under pressure, trusting their instincts, backing the teammates, competitors respect etc. to make them streamline and change their mindset and outlook characteristics so that they may be able to take the right decisions at the right time, more successfully, in their game and every walk of life.


EB Cricket Academy warmly welcomes boys and girls age 13 years & above with mixed/ different ability to be part of the Cricket Academy. The coaching team remains aware to ensure that every individual player keeps himself fully involved and take keen interest in all activities of the academy.


One of the most important aims of EB Cricket Academy is to create a learning environment and conduct fun and enjoyment sessions for the children and provide valuable lessons for them to enjoy a good life on the one hand, and share their lives to participate effectively in their community on the other. EBCA coaches act as positive role models to develop the above mentioned qualities.