We believe that effective coaching is very essential in the development of our young players. Our cricket culture is clearly defined in which we must create the following environment to:

  • Understand the needs of the individual players and provide a support mechanism to cater for those needs.
  • Deliver age related practices that support learning.
  • Develop the person to develop the player.
  • Attacking with imagination, invention and expression.
  • Develop the transference of skills and knowledge from the training environment into the games program.
  • Ensure everything we do in the coaching and development of our players with a clear method and purpose.
  • Teach players to play with freedom, encouraging experimentation in the younger players and expression throughout all ages.
  • Develop a culture which allows the players the wide opportunity to question and voice their opinions. We follow this principle to develop skill and self-confidence of self-learning wherever needed. We exert our best efforts to evaluate the players well in order to deal everyone differently by creating a strategy as every player has a different attitude & upbringing; hence knowing the personal characteristics of every player properly is really very important.
  • Encouraging the importance of hard work, application and effort as part of the long-term player pathway.
  • The Academy is aware that notwithstanding batting and bowling are the major areas of cricket but lots of games are won or lost on the field. Thus we emphasize on teaching cricketers the art of ground fielding, high catching and short catching. Knowing about fielding positions and attacking fielding and importantly how to set a field for your own bowling are invaluable to your game.
  • We also believe highly in the morals, traditions and ethics of sport and by constantly going through the processes, we deliver at the Academy, we ensure that the players, we affect, will develop as gentlemen not just cricketers.