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Having the capacity to lead is not enough. The leader must be willing to use it.Vince Lombardi The sports world and the business community are filled with stories of great leadership, overcoming tremendous obstacles and dire circumstances to deliver victory and receive the highest of accolades. Great leaders command respect, admiration and inspire a willingness to accept any and all challenges. As the driving force behind the both financial and media infrastructure of this industry, we seek your participation to help advance the many cause-driven and nonprofit programs within the global sports community. While we fully understand and appreciate the need for a competitive, profit-driven environment as it relates to running a successful business, we also know supporting those in-needs can offer rewards that surpass any financial gain.Although there is much debate over how companies should act as members of the communities they operate in and serve, we feel that in this industry, supporting nonprofit programs and organizations can have a lasting impact for all involved. Corporate Social Responsibility and Cause Marketing should not be viewed as industry catch phrases or the means to simply generate quick, “feel-good” PR, but the opportunity to support the greater good and the causes your stakeholders and your customers care about – which positively impacts your bottom line.

Saleem Ellahi
Ex-Test Cricketer
Pakistan National Team
Ellahi Brothers Cricket Academy
Sahiwal, Pakistan