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The Knowledge Health & Education Learning International (KHEL Int) creates and supports programs promoting sportsmanship, education, fair play and ethics for children & youth around the Pakistan. Syed Afraz Ali Nazish is Founder / President of the organization of KHEL International.
Knowledge –
In sport, declarative knowledge refers to the rules, procedural knowledge refers to the techniques and tactics, and strategic knowledge knows how to learn or remember. When considering performance in a sport, either skill or knowledge can be the limiting factor.
Health –
Not only does physical activity burn calories and keeps your heart and blood vessels healthy, helping to prevent hypertension. It also improves your metabolism in the long run.Participating in aerobic activities — such as running, cycling, or swimming — can improve your body’s ability to transport and utilize oxygen in the lungs and blood & resistance exercises challenge your muscular system, resulting in bigger, stronger muscles. Exercise is good for your mental health too, as it can battle feelings of anxiety and depression, sharpen your focus, and improve self esteem.

Our message to Sports Non-profit Organizations

“People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society.” ~ Vince Lombardi. As many nonprofit organizations know, success isn’t always as clear-cut as crossing the finish line first or racking up points. Numbers alone do not always impact the social good – people are what make the difference. Understanding how to communicate and with whom is vital to spreading awareness, impacting thought and influencing change and action. We’ve learned from a wide range of organizations – from large, international programs to local community-based groups – that your greatest challenges are found in creating awareness, raising funds and running impactful programs. The goal of this org is to provide useful resources, information and tools to assist you in making valuable connections within the global sports community to help meet these challenges. We encourage you to also connect with similar organizations in your community, your area of emphasis or your chosen sports discipline, to learn from, support and partner with one another. While it may be a worn out sports cliché to some, we still believe that TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More. All we ask in return is your active participation in the evolution of KHEL International and a commitment from each of you to run an efficient, ethical and honest organization to serve the “greater good.”

Syed Afraz Ali Nazish
KHEL International


Syed Afraz Ali Nazish


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